FishCon Board Gaming Convention

September 15, 2018

Rudolph, OH

Why "FishCon"?

FishCon began in 2015 as a large gathering of friends. We wanted to draw people together who normally wouldn't have the chance to interact and have a massive day of playing board games, so we rented a hall in the tiny village of Rudolph, Ohio and had a wonderful time. Learning from our successes and failures, round two was even better than the first. Word of mouth spread, attenance tripled, and we were able to forward all proceeds to charity. This provided the template we wished to use for all future FishCons: bring people together, have a great time playing games, and help out a great cause.

...of course, that first paragraph never actually answered the question: why "FishCon"? It's admittedly something done strictly out of vanity. During the first go-around, we wanted a name for the event. Dan has been known to go by the nickname of "Blowfish," or just "Fish." Since the event was to take place on his home turf, and since the name just rolls so perfectly right off the tongue, FishCon was coined and it has stuck ever since. Sure, fish and board games don't exactly go hand-in-fin - they tend to make cardboard soggy, after all - but if nothing else, it provides us with an endless supply of fish-related fodder for our event.

If you have the free time on September 15th and find yourself in the Bowling Green area, come on down to FishCon! You'll meet some great people, help out a great cause, and have a blast pushing around some wooden cubes!

FishCon's Charity

We at FishCon believe that giving back to the community is vital; it was one of the reasons we started FishCon in the first place. This year, we've chosen the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Bowling Green, Ohio as our charity to support. St. Vincent de Paul is dedicated to helping the less fortunate in our community by providing basic necessities for those in need.

Every cent left over from FishCon will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul, to help them continue their vital community service.

"Every year, we give food to over 1,000 families which included almost 4,000 individuals.
Everyone is welcome to join in our effort to feed the hungry in our Bowling Green community."

Canned Food Raffle

With our charity of choice being a food bank, we have a fun opportunity to do a little extra. Each non-perishable food item you bring in will earn you one ticket in a raffle. The prize has yet to be determined, but will likely come in the form of either a game or an Amazon gift card.

Empty out those cupboards; let's see what we can do!

Contact Us

We're happy to answer any questions and address any concerns. Feel free to use any of the following to contact us:

Dan McMurray
14171 Mermill Rd.
Rudolph, OH 43462

User "loungehead" on Board Game Geek

Generally speaking, posting a question to the Facebook group above or sending an email is preferable, but please use whichever is most comfortable for you.

FishCon Games Library

There's absolutely no problem if you want to bring your own games, but we'll have a library of games available as well, free of charge!

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