FishCon Board Gaming Convention

September 15, 2018

Rudolph, OH

FishCon's Games Library

All FishCon attendees are welcome to bring their own games, but we'll also have a bunch on hand for you to check out and play. (We might even be able to teach it to you!) The following list contains the games in the FishCon library that will be on hand during the event. External links all point toward, which is a phenomenal resource for the board gaming community.

Occasionally, the library doesn't load properly. If you see the spinning "loading" icon for more than 10 seconds, just refresh the page.

Note: Details for the library are recorded at Board Game Geek, and their API is used to load details. Unfortunately, Board Game Geek have been down lately, and that's impacting FishCon's ability to retrieve collection information. If the library fails to load, it might be worth trying to load BGG's site to see their current status. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions about any specific games, please feel free to contact us.

FishCon Games Library

There's absolutely no problem if you want to bring your own games, but we'll have a library of games available as well, free of charge!

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